Errata for 1st Edition



Section 1.5 last paragraph (print page 6)

It does so by balancing the producer's risk (alpha) and the consumer's risk (beta)

Section 2.1, equation (2) (print page 10-11)

and in the following computation, in the numerator replace 1,000-100 with 1,000-10.

Section 2.1, last equation (print page 15)

beta = Consumer's risk =

Section 2.2, last paragraph (print page 18)

In the sampling plan..., the consumer's risk (of accepting a low-quality batch)

Section 2.6, last paragraph (print page 28)

For example, let us assume that we require a producer's risk... and consumer's risk...

Section 4.1 paragraph before Figure 4.1 (print page 40)

Using the table in Figure 4.1...

Section 7.6, example before figure 5.2 (print page 54)

To illustrate the the process is p=0.01 and the process standard deviation for fat is 0.25%.

Section 5.9, just before section 5.10 (print page 66)

... we use the same k=1.89... factor 1+1.892/2

Section 5.10, problem 1(a) (print page 66)

Give a general answer for any sigma (your answer will include the term sigma)

Section 6.1, table in Considering Additional Costs (print page 73-4)

The two headings of the table (i=9, f=1/4 and i=7, f=1/3) should be switched. Also in the text after the table: "For the plan i=7, f=1/3... $54.10 for the plan i=9, f=1/4."

Section 6.3, second paragraph (print page 75)

The list of Mil-Std 1235C tables shold be: CSP-1, CSP-2, CSP-F, CSP-V and the multi-level plan CSP-T.

Figure 6.9 (print page 78)