Practical Acceptance Sampling: A Hands-On Guide, Second Edition, is a hands-on introduction to the inspection of products and services for quality assurance using statistically-based sampling plans.

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Why choose Practical Acceptance Sampling?

A hands-on approach to acceptance sampling.

  • A good balance between theory and practice

  • Plenty of real-world examples and hands-on exercises

  • Affordable and globally available paperback and Kindle editions

  • Written by author of top-selling Data Mining Book for Business Analytics

Praise for the Book

For those who want to discover the variety of sampling plans at their disposal, this book will be a great resource. I have been using a single-stage sampling plan by attributes for years, and now I see that it is not always the best tool to use.

I should add that it is a college textbook first, before being a practitioner's guide. But it explains the concepts simply and clearly, and it refers to the calculators at (very easy to use).

Renaud Anjoran

Good text for those writing test plans. Very straight forward and practical in its presentation. It has been very beneficial in doing my quality engineering work