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Course Topics

Module 1: Introduction to Acceptance Sampling

  • Acceptance sampling terminology
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)
  • Lot Tolerance Percent Defective (LTPD)
  • Probability of Acceptance
  • Producer and consumer risks
  • Sampling plans parameters

Module 2: Single-Stage Plans for Pass/Fail Data

  • Binomial and hypergeometric distribution computations
  • Operating Characteristics (OC) Curve
  • Effects of sample size and rejection criteria
  • Inspection types and switching rules
  • Single stage plans for multiple defects and Poisson computations
  • Using ISO 2859 (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, Mil-Std 105) Tables
  • Using interactive plans (

Module 3: Double-stage Sampling Plans

  • Double sampling procedure
  • Probability of Acceptance and OC Curves
  • Average Sample Number (ASN)
  • Using ISO 2859 (ANSI/ASQC Z1.9, Mil-Std 414) Tables
  • Using SQCOnline interactive plans

Module 4: Rectifying Sampling Plans for Pass/Fail Data

  • Single-stage rectifying plans
  • Average outgoing quality (AOQ)
  • Average total inspection (ATI)
  • Double-stage rectifying plans

Module 5: Sampling Plans for Measurement Data

  • Single sampling plans
  • Single specification limit
  • Double specification limits
  • Sigma known and unknown
  • Mil-Std 404 / ISO 3951 Tables
  • Using interactive plans (
  • Double sampling plans

Module 6: Continuous Sampling Plans

  • Sampling frequency and clearance number
  • Average Outgoing Quality Limit (AOQL)
  • CSP-1 and CSP-2 plans
  • Rectifying inspection
  • Mil-Std 1235C Tables
  • Using interactive plans (

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