The 30-day(*) online Acceptance Sampling course will familiarize you with popular sampling inspection plans for attribute data, measurement data, and continuous processes. You will understand the statistical logic behind ISO inspection plans and learn how to use the standards, and how to choose and employ such plans judiciously. The course will also introduce you to a convenient interactive web resource for obtaining standard inspection plans. 
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Learning Style

The course is based on active, instructor-less self-learning through guided reading of the textbook "Practical Acceptance Sampling: A Hands-On Guide". 

During the course, you will travel through the six course modules at your own pace. Each module covers a particular topic in acceptance sampling and includes activities such as readings, self-assessments, videos, and more.

Who Should Take the Course? 

This course will benefit quality engineers, quality inspectors and other quality control personnel who employ or supervise inspection plans at their organization, as well as quality assurance staff in charge of setting quality standards. Six Sigma black belts and trainers as well as university instructors of quality control courses can also benefit from this course.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Basic knowledge of statistics (covered in most Statistics 101 courses), including the normal and Binomial distributions, descriptive statistics, and notions of sample and population.

Required Textbook

"Practical Acceptance Sampling: A Hands-On Guide", 2nd Edition, by Galit Shmueli (softcover or Kindle e-book)

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The course fee is US$299 US$99. 
The fee does not include the required textbook, which can be purchased separately.
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